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Animal Health Recruitment Across The USA & Canada

Are you looking for an animal health position or talented staff for your business? At Seven Animal Health, we work with veterinary hospitals of all sizes across the USA and Canada to provide qualified, experienced and instantly available relief and permanent animal health professionals.

Our expert consultants are able to source the best available staff for every animal health employment opportunity; from Medical Directors, Boarded Specialists, Veterinary Technicians, Veterinarians and everything in between. With a multi-award-winning team and a reputation for excellence in our sector, no matter where you are, Seven Animal Health will find you the staff you need, exactly when you need them.

We release new and exclusive animal health jobs on a daily basis with small independent hospitals and the nation’s leading animal health services, so we will find you a position that perfectly suits your experience, location and salary requirements.

If you are searching for a new animal health job or hoping to recruit talented staff, our wonderful team of recruitment experts are ready to help.